Will you make the new MySpace your space?

New MySpace Sample Screen

New MySpace Sample Screen

It’s not often that you get a second chance at a first impression, but the team behind the overhaul of MySpace hopes you’ll give them another shot.  With Facebook, Twitter the big boys on the block that overtook the original MySpace, along with Google+ and LinkedIn, the updated offering at new.myspace.com faces an uphill battle.

For now, the new interface remains hidden to most, seen only be those that have been afforded access via an invitation or approved registration request.  They’ve intentionally stayed away from the grand launch, preferring to roll out access over time.  For those of you that haven’t checked it out yet, there are several items that stand out right away.

  • Cleaner look – Your home page is cleaner and uncluttered, with a large background photo of your choice and simple sections for your bio and links.  Overall, it’s a more polished look, which is a big departure from the original platform that allowed simply awful design.
  • Horizontal scroll – Most of us are familiar with the infinite scroll of sites like Pinterest or Facebook where items appear at the bottom as you move down. MySpace turns that on it’s side, by offering an interface that they believe will be more comfortable, particularly on mobile devices where swiping your thumb from left to right, or vice versa, is more natural.
  • Entertainment focus – As before, the main focus is entertainment, specifically music in the form of streaming individual songs or video.  Connect with musicians and bands, with the ability to see posted photos, along with most, if not all, of their music.
  • Connections – Similar to Twitter, connections work in one direction, where one user can connect to another, but the target doesn’t have to reciprocate.  Users can also choose to require approval before a connection is completed.  The ultimate goal is to provide a way to allow a connecting point for the fans.
  • Integration – Rather than fight the big boys, the new MySpace is focused on the niche they feel best able to serve, and have chosen to integrate with those platforms, meaning one less login to remember.

For me, the best feature is the ability to stream music from just about any artist.  At this point, there’s no cost and no advertising, so the option to listen to a great collection of music from well-known bands from Pink Floyd to Puddle of Mudd to AC/DC to [enter your favorite here]. The platform also provides a great place to learn about and connect with less known local bands, like my friends at Psyphen, all of which make it worth my time to log in.

One major thing I haven’t found yet is mobile access, either via a platform specific app or through a mobile browser. I shouldn’t have to work too hard to get that and, with the ever increasing number of us accessing our social spheres from our phones, this is a must have to even hope to be relevant. If you can’t get there from wherever you happen to be, the new platform would be a ghost town before it ever started.

With a focus on a specific niche, I don’t believe MySpace will build the following that the current social media leaders have, but there is enough music here to make it worth at least hopping on.

With this reinvention, does MySpace deserve a second look?  If you already have access, what do you think?

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